Monday, June 8, 2015

Revlon x Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup

Hello again, another review on Revlon product. One of my everyday wear makeup :) 

The new Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup! 

I used to use Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, 200 Nudes. It was famous for its 24hours colorstay, which is no doubt was true! 

Well, this new comer in Revlon does attract me! 

This new Revlon Airbrush, has a very very smooth texture, for God sake it is really smooth and what I like about it, i can take out just a very little amount on my sponge and apply it all over my face. Safe right? Yeah i'm quite stingy when it comes to liquid make up. Please forgive me haha!!! But hey, it is awesome! A little amount all over the face? It's not always you can have a very saving makeup! Especially when you need to hide all the pimples, blackhead, large pores, eye bag, freckles and etc etc. 

I have lots of blackhead all over my nose and a super big pores on my cheeks and forehead (lol), and an eyebag sometimes. I always run out of concealer and most of the time to lazy or too forgetful to buy a new one! I'm basically relying on my foundation like 99% of the time. No kidding! 

Thank God Revlon came out this Airbrush Effect makeup, not gonna worry on forgetting to buy concealer. Why? Cause this new product line by Revlon will help you hide the pores and all its siblings on your face! Don't believe me? 
Go get yourself a bottle of Revlon Airbrush Effect Makeup! 

This product comes in 12 shades! 
As photo above, count from left to right.

1.Ivory 2.Vanilla 3.Shell 4.Nude 5.Natural Beige

6.Medium Beige 7. Cool Beige 8.Golden Beige 9.Rich Ginger 10.Caramel

11.Cappuccino 12.Mocha

And oh i'm using 001 Ivory. 


*photo credit to rightful owner